PhD students

Anna Williams

Area of research: Distributed Acoustic Sensors for Monitoring Microseismicity and CO2 Storage.

Microseismic monitoring is a vital method of assessing the behaviour of industrial injection processes, including Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). In partnership with Silixa Ltd. this project aims to evaluate and develop the application of a new technology – fibre optic Distributed Acoustic Sensors (DAS) – to detecting and monitoring microseismic events.

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Tom Kettlety 

Area of research: Monitoring and Modelling Injection Induced Seismicity

I am currently studying the physical mechanisms behind injection-induced seismicity and fault reactivation. I use techniques employed in observational seismology, geomechanical modelling, reservoir geomechanics, and statistics to analyse large microseismic datasets from hydraulic fracturing operations around the world.

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Jim Whiteley 

Area of research: Geophysical indicators of slope stability: towards improved early warning of landslide hazards 

I am hosted by the British Geological Survey (BGS) at Keyworth. Having recently returned to studies after working as an engineering geophysicist for six years, my focus is now on the integration of seismic investigation methods into the well-established program of electrical resistivity tomography monitoring currently underway at the BGS. This research focuses on the application of these methods in the monitoring of landslides, with an emphasis on establishing the hydrogeological and geomechanical precursors to slope failure.

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Thomas Loriaux 

Area of research: Development and use of seismic methods to characterise crack properties in geothermal settings. 

Fractures represents natural pathways for fluid flow and are an essential feature for permeability in reservoirs. Aligned cracks are likely to exhibit seismic anisotropy, i.e. the variation of wavespeeds with the direction of propagation. The effect of a fracture network on seismic anisotropy is controlled by its compliance, which is in turn sensitive to the fluid fill and fluid flow properties.

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Chedtaporn Sujitapan

Area of research: Landslide monitoring

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Sasha Lapins

Area of research: Towards real-time seismic monitoring of volcanoes for hazard mitigation (Supervisors: Prof. J-Michael Kendall, Prof. Katharine V. Cashman)

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Khalil Al Hooti

Area of research: Geophysics

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