Postdoctoral researchers

Alan Beard

Postdoctoral researcher

My research interests lie at the interface between stress, seismicity, and structures in geological settings of various scales. My current research focusses on the use of microseismicity and geomechanical models to characterise fractured petroleum reservoirs. I am also interested in crustal-scale seismicity, specifically in better understanding the causes and structural controls of earthquakes in the continental interiors. 

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Anna Stork

Postdoctoral researcher

I received a MPhys degree in Physics from the University of Manchester in 2000 and then went on to complete an MSc in Geophysics at Durham University. After a 15 month contract with the Geological Survey of Japan to study earthquake source parameters I returned to the UK to study for my DPhil in earthquake location methods at the University of Oxford. Subsequently, I have completed postdoctoral studies of seismic velocities in the Afar region of the East African rift and microseismic studies of carbon capture and storage sites.

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Antony Butcher

Postdoctoral researcher

I’m a research fellow funded by the British Geological Survey to collaborate on a range of geophysical projects. My PhD titled ‘ Microseismology: Characteristics, Magnitudes and Shallow Crustal Effects’ was completed at the start of 2018, and was funded by BUMPS (Bristol University Microseismics ProjectS). Prior to returning to university I spent 10 years working in near-surface geophysics, with 4 years spent mapping ordnance for the Ministry of Defence and 6 years in engineering geophysics surveys at TerraDat, Cardiff. I received Chartered Scientist status in 2012, and am a committee member in the Near Surface Geophysics Group both through the Geological Society of London.

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Berhe Gezahegn

Postdoctoral researcher

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David Schlaphorst 

Postdoctoral researcher

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