IPEGG is a multidisciplinary project being undertaken by the University of Leeds, University of Bristol and Rockfield Software Ltd. IPEGG aims to conduct coupled fluid flow – geomechanical modelling to predict reservoir behaviour (i.e. stress changes, compaction, fault reactivation) and seismic properties during production. It is hoped the results will be used on projects such as:

  • Prediction of reservoir compaction and surface subsidence.
  • Predicting the effect of production on fault reactivation.
  • Optimising mud weights and wellbore trajectories.
  • Using seismic anisotropy as a stress indicator.
  • Enhancing production simulation modelling in stress sensitive reservoirs.
  • Estimate whether and when to undertake 4D seismic surveys.
  • Estimating the optimal timing for the drilling of undepleted reservoirs.