The SPICED Experiment (1998-2001)

An array of 8 broadband (BB) three-component (3C) seismometers were deployed across Scotland, England and France, filling gaps between permanent BB 3C stations. The objective was a study of the deep Earth with the array being used as a Seismic Profile of the Inner CorE and D” (SPICED). Many sites were co-located with existing BGS sites for short-period stations. Events from the Tonga-Fiji region are an optimal distance to study the attenuation and anisotropy of the inner core. The lowermost mantle (or D” region) beneath northern Asia can be studied using events from the north-west Pacific subduction region and a previously unexplored region beneath the middle Atlantic can be explored with South American events. This NERC funded project was a collaborative effort between the University of Leeds (PI Kendall) and the University of Bristol (PI George Helffrich).